Lisa - CEO and Chief Designer

From a long as I can remember I’ve been sewing, whether by machine or by hand.  As a child I loved designing dolls clothes an once my mother taught me to use the sewing machine I was hooked! 

I love making sure that Portia looks stylish, so I knew I could design something myself. These designs took off and are now sold all around the world. Check out the gallery for some inspiration and send me a message if there is something specific you would like made.  I love making bespoke items so your dog stands out from the crowd. 

Portia - Model and Boss

I’m a shih tzu lhaso apso cross born 26 October 2015 and model for mummy’s accessories.  I love wearing bows, dressing up and playing in mud and puddles. 

People as if I love wearing clothes etc and the answer to that is yes.  If I don’t want to waer something I’ll turn away but most of the time I’m more than happy to put a paw forward to get dressed up.

I’m not a tiny shihtzu but a grand tzu and weigh 10kgs.  Most accessories I wear are a  size small.